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SPRING 2019 Add-Drop Update

Note these important upcoming deadlines:

  • Wednesday, March 20:      Last day to drop full-term course
  • Friday, March 22:                 Last day to add second module course
  • Friday, April 5:                      Last day to drop second module course


If you are looking for a 2nd module course, you can filter your Course Search by going to the Course Code field, then selecting “contains” from the dropdown, and entering a search value of “C1” or “C2”.



All current on-campus, off-campus study, and vacation-term students and readmitted students intending to return for the Fall term should register in April. 

The Registrar will send an email during the week of March 18 to all off-campus study and vacation term students, readmitted students, and returning on-campus students, with details about the upcoming online registration for the Fall.  

For full details and updates, see also: Registration Guidelines for Continuing Students


    • Register online via the Portal at any time April 5-8.  OR
    • Follow directions given in the email from the Registrar sent during the week of March 18.

    • Register online via the Portal on the following 4 days:
      • Tues., April 9, Day 1:          up to 1.00 unit of credit.
      • Wed., April 10, Day 2:         up to a total of 2.00 units.
      • Thurs., April 11, Day 3:      up to a total of 3.00 units.
      • Fri., April 12, Day 4:            up to a total of 4.75 units.
    • On each of the above 4 days, follow this timetable:
      • 7:20 am:  Juniors (class year 2020) & Returning Seniors (class year 2019)
      • 7:30 am:  First Years (class year 2022)
      • 7:40 am:  Sophomores (class year 2021)

  •  NOTE: Registration will close at midnight on each of the 4 registration days.

  • You will receive your registration time and class year from the Registrar in an email during the week of March 18, but you can also view your class year in the Portal.  After you log in, you’ll see at the top of the page a link to "Advising Detail for Students", which will show your class year, highlighted in yellow.

ONLINE REGISTRATION RE-OPENS on Monday, April 15 at 8 a.m. and runs through Tuesday, May 14.