Monday, February 15 (8:00 am)-Wednesday, February 17  (11:59 pm)***

  • Portal open for online add/drop for degree-seeking and exchange students. Consult with your advisor if you would like to make changes in your courses before they begin.
  • If you have issues processing an add/drop, contact registrar@beloit.edu
  • If an instructor adds an authorization for you to enroll above the cap or to waive the prereq, you are not automatically enrolled in the course.  You will need to log into the Portal and add the course or convert a waitlist to enrolled. 


***See the Spring 2021 Academic Calendar for other important deadlines, e.g.  mod-specific add/drop dates.



  • No student may register for more than 4.75 units until the first day of the Spring term.


  • You cannot register for the following online:
    • If you need to add a special project or an internship, forms are available on the registrar website. Send completed forms via email attachment to registrar@beloit.edu, and also copy your advisor and the project sponsor. We will accept email confirmation from them in lieu of a physical signature. 

    • If you need to add TA credit, ask the professor for whom you are TAing to email the Registrar, and we will register you.

    • If you want to repeat a course that you failed, contact the Registrar's Office.

    • If you want to take more than 4.75 units, see course overload policy.

Watch for an email from the Registrar over the weekend with additional details.