• April 6:     Mod 2 courses begin and Full-Term courses continue
  • April 8:     Last day to drop Full-Term course
                  Last day to add Mod 2 course
  • April 30:   Last day to drop Mod 2 course

NOTE: Online registration for Spring 2021 is closed, so a Registrar’s Office staff member will have to process any registration changes for Spring courses. 

  • First, consult with your primary (major, Spark, or AMP) advisor.
  • Then make the formal add/drop request by emailing your primary advisor and copying the instructor and .  Ask both the advisor and instructor to “reply all” to approve the change.  Once both have confirmed, a Registrar’s Office staff member will process the add/drop.
  • If you need to add a special project or an internship, special forms for that purpose are available online. Send completed forms via email attachment to, and also copy your advisor and the project sponsor. The Registrar will accept email confirmation from them in lieu of a physical signature.
  • If you need to add TA credit, email the professor for whom you are TAing, and copy your advisor and .  Ask them to "reply all" for confirmation.  A Registrar's Office staff member will then register you.



To add/drop or search for summer courses in the Portal, change the term to "Summer 2021".

If you are a degree-seeking, current or vacation term, Beloit student:

  • You can register yourself online for Summer Block and Summer Mod courses (see deadlines below).
  • You cannot register yourself online for Center for Language Studies (CLS) courses.  If you want to register for CLS, please fill out the CLS application found on the summer programs website.
  • You cannot register yourself online for an internship or special project.  To register, submit the appropriate contract to  For more information and links to appropriate forms, see internships and special projects.

If you are not a current degree-seeking Beloit student:

Deadlines for Summer registration:

  • May 5:    Summer Blocks
  • May 21:  Summer Mod and Center for Language Studies session 1 (CLS1)
  • June 15:  Center for Language Studies session 2 (CLS2)
  • July 2:     Last day to add FEP 200 (Internship), FEP 201 (Internship Workshop), or Special Project/other Independent Study.

    See the
    Summer Programs website for other details.


Upcoming Registration Dates for Fall 2021 Semester for returning degree-seeking students

  • April 16:       Fall 2021 course list available in the Portal
  • April 20-30:  Advising period for current and vacation term students
  • May 3-5:       Online registration -- advisor clearance required
  • May 7:          Online registration continues -- advisor clearance required
  • May 10-25:   Online add/drop period