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Welcome to the Beloit College Portal!  Access to the portal is available to all current faculty, students and staff. 

Please use your email username, which is the part of your email address that appears to the left of the @sign. Please do not include "@ ". The password to be used is the same as your email password. 
After logging in, use the tabs at the top of the screen to access pertinent information about academics, advising, financial information, and more.  On each tab, look for additional links in the left hand navigation bar.
Please be aware that the "Add this Course" link when viewing the Course Details window is not currently functioning.  You will not receive an error message but you will not be registered for the class.  IT is working with the vendor to correct this issue, but it will not be corrected before registration begins for the Fall term on Tuesday.  An email containing a quick guide for how to register successfully was sent to all advisors and students.
If you are enrolling in a course that has a co-requisite (CHEM 230, CHEM 235, and BIOL 289 require enrollment in both a lecture and lab (…L) section), you will need to add both the lecture and lab section via the “Add/Drop courses” link at the same time; trying to enroll via the “Course Search” (add check box) will not work.
Other courses that have a co-requisite are those Study Abroad (SAB) programs that have an associated Cities in Transition course (IDST 288). Students in these programs should wait until Friday to enroll, when they can add 4 units of credit.
Any student enrolling in any other off-campus study program (SAB=study abroad or OFFC=domestic off-campus study) should wait until Thursday to enroll, when the enrollment cap goes up to 3 units.